• There are lots of blogs and articles written by previous entrants about their experience that you can find from a quick Google search.
  • Make sure you know exactly what you need to submit for the Irish competition. Details of this are available on the Competition page.
  • Young Lions competition briefs always focus on charitable, not for profit and CSR objectives. Make sure to read about award winning effectiveness public service cases studies on the ADFX databank here.
  • Time is precious at Cannes! You only have 24 hours to answer the brief, so be prepared in advance.
  • The work stations at Cannes will have imacs. If you are a PC only user you should start to familiarise yourself with the mac applications and buttons.
  • Familarise yourself with the types of briefs that will be given. We have an examples of last year’s competition briefs on the brief page.
  • Have a look at what other countries have done for their entries over the past year or two.

Any entry that does not comply with the entry requirements and T&Cs will not be accepted. So make sure you have read these before you start any work. 

T&Cs are available to download on this page.