Group Think, the community for strategists, is setting up in Dublin
Group Think, the community for strategists, is setting up in Dublin

Group Think is setting up in Dublin on 13th September - to help create a more vibrant strategy community and support the next generation of strategists.

For what is a small, specialist profession you’d think we’d talk more, share more, learn from each other more. But we don’t. Unlike similarly sized strategy hubs like Amsterdam where strategists meet up regularly, there’s no ‘third space’ in Dublin where this can happen.

Until now, Group Think has been a London-based community for strategists. It started in 2016 when strategists James Lees, Arthur Perez and Conor Barry decided something had to be done to combat the industry's dwindling training budgets, and help strategists diversify their skill-sets.

The community has since grown to over 600 members, running multiple events every month that bring different strategists and planners together to learn from one another.  Events are held in informal and neutral spaces - pubs and coffee shops - in order to create a real community where people know each other and hierarchy is left outside on the street.

Exactly what Dublin needs - a space for Dublin’s community of strategists to grow together.

Championing Group Think in Dublin will be Rachel O'Donovan and Thomas Geoghegan, both strategic planners working in Dublin.

 O’Donovan says how she was inspired by their success in London,

 “For a couple of years I’d been watching Group Think grow. Bringing it to Dublin was a no brainer - it’s a great chance for the Irish strategy community to come together, share opinions and leave with new ideas.”

 Co-founder Geoghegan says,

 “Group Think is all about raising the bar for strategy as a whole through conversation. The belief that we’re all much better off doing that in an open, relaxed and sociable setting seemed perfect for Dublin.”

 London co-founder Arthur Perez says,

 “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Rachel and Thomas. They share the same values and vision whilst having a strong desire to move the Dublin strategy community forward. For us, it’s a great way to test how we can export Group Think to other locations.”

Group Think Dublin’s first guest speaker, renowned strategist and strategy champion Mark Pollard, CEO at Mighty Jungle in New York, believes "thinking alone is part of every planner's job. However, either by nature or environment, sometimes that alone time risks becoming all the time, and when it strays too near to all the time, it's unhealthy. That's why every planner needs a gang, a crew with whom to share the good times and other times, to discuss topics that offices pretend don't exist, and to commit a little crime. That's why Group Think heading to Dublin matters. Immediate gang, possible crime. Also just that little less alone in the head."

Group Think will launch in Dublin with its monthly Planner Pints on 13th September in Probus Wines. In-keeping with the Group Think philosophy, everyone is welcome to come celebrate and meet other strategists over a few drinks.

The second event, Q&A with Mark Pollard will take place on 20th September. To attend, simply join Group Think Dublin’s mailing list, wait for the email and RSVP. It couldn’t be easier, but places are limited, so be quick.