A dedicated micro-site.

DAVID REVIEWS was approached a few months ago to consider how they could provide the Irish advertising industry with the benefits of the ongoing scrutiny they have long brought to the UK’s.

Their answer is a dedicated micro-site which performs a number of key functions.

Latest Work

The microsite’s home page isolates Irish work from the rest of the material at DAVID REVIEWS. It also enables them to choose an Irish Pick of the Week.

Companies Directory

By listing all of the companies that provide advertising services in Ireland, they offer a really simple interface which demonstrates the breadth of companies available.There are seven company types and each collection can be found with a simple button press. This interface is designed to be useful within the industry and showcase it outside too.

Directors Wall

This is an accumulation of the directors at each company and is searchable by attributes (of existing work). This is only the first stage of an interface which will ultimately contain other film production and crew roles so that you have an IMDB-style resource for identifying talent.

There is more to come with an events sections and a ratings section with league tables planned.

This project requires broad participation from Irish agencies to work - with the production-side already having got behind it! David Reviews now invites IAPI agencies to subscribe and become members.

The offer price is £500 and any company that takes up that offer is guaranteed at least a 25% discount on rate card in future years.